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Monroe Councilman Charles Dipierro ask the administration during the June 5 if it is possible to provide live video recordings for township meetings. 

MONROE – To make meetings more accessible and more convenient, a councilman questioned if it is possible to provide live video coverage of government conducting its business.

Councilman Charles Dipierro raised the question to the administration during this month's meeting, citing the township’s recently launched new website. 

“What about making a meeting like this live, a planning board meeting live or zoning board meeting live,” he asked at the June meeting. “It would help because a lot of people can’t make it to see live.”

The council’s regular meetings, where official action is taken, are recorded and appear on the local access channels and are posted online when ready. However, work session meetings, where council members discuss agenda items, are not recorded with a video camera. Other township meetings, such as zoning and planning boards are also not recorded using video.

Video recordings are made of various community events, such as the recent Monroe Township Chorus’ Tribute to Veterans concert on June 1, and other original programming including “The Mayor Tamburro Show,” and “Aging Insights.”

There are also video recordings of Board of Education meetings and some school events.

In all cases, the videos are hosted on monroetv.viebit.com.

Township Administrator Alan Weinberg said the new website makes it more possible to live video record meetings, but budgetary concerns would need addressing.

“We’re in a better position now because we have a modern website, but there would still need to be some work to be done to put in the budget money for all the hardware, we have to hire the employees to tape it,” Weinberg said. “So, it’s certainly something we can do.”

However, the administrator added that live video recording would have to be addressed in the next budget.

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Christopher Lang is a freelance correspondent for MonroeNow. Previously he was part of The Record-USA Today Network and served as an editor for a decade at NJMG.