MONROE – Police officers will increase patrols near schools and bus stops to deter speeding as the new academic year begins, according to a news release from the township on Tuesday.

“We need to have zero tolerance to speeders around our schools and children,” Michael Biennas, township police chief, said in the news release. “Back to school is always the time of year where everyone needs to take a deep breath, slow down and follow the letter of the law.”

The chief said the police department typically increases enforcement at the start of a new school year in September while parents are adjusting to the drop-off locations and students are traveling on buses and using crosswalks.

The mayor, according to the township release, asked the chief to add more units to help with enforcement at the beginning of the school year.

“No one wants to give out tickets,” Mayor Gerald Tamburro said in the release. “But we will no choice if motorists disregard the law and put our children’s safety in jeopardy.”

Monroe has eight public schools. Though most take a bus, there are walkers and parents who drop-off and pick-up their kids each school day.

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Christopher Lang is a freelance correspondent for MonroeNow. Previously he was part of The Record-USA Today Network and served as an editor for a decade at NJMG.