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"We see kids as young as 5th grade vaping," Spokane Regional Health District, AJ Sanders, said.

Tobacco is evolving. Today, kids can get addicted, without their parents even knowing, and in some cases, without even knowing themselves what they're using.

"If you're buying this stuff on the street, then there's absolutely no way to know what you're putting into your body," Sanders said.

Sanders says vape pens can be extremely dangerous, because kids aren't aware of how detrimental they can be to their bodies, especially when the pens comes in hundreds of different fruity flavors, that taste and smell good.

"The flavor helps the poison go down a little bit smoother, so it masks what you're actually putting in your body," Sanders said.

The pens used to look just like cigarettes, but now, what you think might be your kids highlighter, or USB drive, is actually making them sick, one puff at a time.

"These are refillable and chargeable, so people will customize these, and personalize it much like you would a cell phone, and have it with you all the time," Sanders said.

Sanders is here to bust the myth that vape pens can be used as a tobacco quitting device, saying that some pens, only deepen the addiction.

But she does have other options available for teens and adults trying to quit smoking or vaping, the Inland Northwest Health Services offers a "quit for good" class, nicotine replacement therapies, and support coaches.

She said next, don't try quitting alone, and make sure you have an accountability partner. Sanders said this generation of kids have fallen into a social experiment with e-cigarettes, and it's time to put it to an end, by talking to your kids about smoking tonight.

"We know that smoking kills, we know that vaping kills," Sanders said.

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