SPOTSWOOD – Beginning this spring, kindergarten through fourth-grade students from Immaculate Conception School will have the opportunity to join their older classmates on the track.

With a program that has been designed for the beginner or novice runner, coaches stress the goals of good sportsmanship while allowing runners co-develop their potential and compete in their chosen distance.

With a "home" track at Spotswood High School, runners will compete in four meets and will be able to run two distances of their choosing.

Kindergarten through second grade are able to participate in the 100m run and the 400m run. Children in third and fourth grades have more of an option, with the 200m, 400m, 800m and 1600m.

All students are also eligible to participate in the league championships at Bishop Ahr on May 18. Third- and fourth-grade students will also be taught how to run a relay, and will then eligible to compete at the Relay Championships, also at Bishop Ahr, on May 11.

So far the new program has 29 students registered.

The coaching staff is comprised of people with backgrounds in marathon running, triathlon training and fitness instruction.

One coaches has stated, "With our newest athletes, we really stress the basics of learning to run, and understanding that it’s not about winning or losing, but improving your personal time and performance at each meet. So far the kids are having a blast. And, since we already have an established team of 5th-8th graders, our younger team really has the opportunity to look up to the older team for guidance and inspiration."

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