SOUTH BRUNSWICK – A 21-year-old Dayton man is facing multiple charges after he was arrested for alleged incidents at a Dunkin Donuts and the Cheng Garden restaurant, police said.

South Brunswick police arrested and charged Daimeir Nelson on June 24 for recent burglaries at local businesses and an unrelated assault.

Police found Nelson ultimately in Newark on June 24 after they released surveillance video from an incident at the Dunkin Donuts in Dayton on June 1. Police said an anonymous tip identified Nelson as the person in the video. The investigation also alleges that Nelson assaulted a teenager.

He has been charged with burglary, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest.

Nelson allegedly harassed employees at the Dunkin Donuts in Dayton on June 1. According to police, Nelson was recording employees with a cell phone and asked them to say “something for the camera.”

He then reportedly jumped over the counter, “took a doughnut and drink, and left money on the counter before leaving the business,” police said.

A few days later on June 5, Nelson was reportedly at the Cheng Garden restaurant in Dayton for allegedly harassing employees, police said.

Nelson allegedly walked into the establishment’s kitchen area while recording on his cell phone.

“When employees asked the male suspect to leave, he took a can of soda and left money before leaving the area,” police said.

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Christopher Lang is a freelance correspondent for MonroeNow. Previously he was part of The Record-USA Today Network and served as an editor for a decade at NJMG.