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Monroe Municipal Election 2019

Municipal Ballot-2019


MonroeNow conducted video interviews with six of the seven Monroe Township Board of Education Candidates and posted their answers to the same six questions on MonroeNow to inform voters with the candidate's own words.

In a process that started in September, MonroeNow planned to conduct single question telephone interviews followed by video interviews to give the two Mayoral and four Council At Large candidates the opportunity to directly address voters.

The Republican candidates scheduled interviews and the interviews took place and their stories have been posted. The Democratic candidates, after initial indications from their campaign they would schedule interviews have never responded even after many contacts and attempts to contact.

We are posting the original Republican interviews along with the Democratic candidate's responses to the League of Women Voters questionnaire to help inform voters.

For Monroe Township Mayor:

Republican Candidate:

Charles Dipierro MonroeNow interview

Democratic Candidate:

Gerald W. Tamburro League of Women Voters questionnaire response

For Monroe Township Council At Large:

Republican Candidates:

David Rothman MonroeNow interview

Peter F. LoPresti MonroeNow interview

Democratic Candidates:

S. DalIna and M. Cohen League of Women Voters questionnaire responses


Tuesday, November 5 is Election Day.

Polls are open 6 a.m. -- 8 p.m. Be informed and vote!

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