November 11, 2019

Publisher’s Statement:

MonroeNow’s current business model is not sustainable. Any news publication, whether broadcast, print or digital is just another business after-all and sustainability ultimately boils down to dollars-and-cents.

Local advertiser-supported media as a business model has been a failing business model contributing to the death or consolidation of 1000’s of local news publications over the past decade -- creating large and expanding swaths of ‘news deserts’ throughout the land.

And yes, many in the industry told us so. Only a few other potentially successful news publication business models exist.

Until MonroeNow, Monroe's news desert lasted 50 years -- few locals remember...

For the foreseeable future, with no local independent news outlets to replace us in our role as a verifiable source of community information; unconfirmed social media posts and comments will once again continue to be our resident's only source of local information.

The MonroeNow news site will remain active for a month or so and while syndicated  news from CNN, ABC etc. will continue to flow, no original local content will be posted as we work out contract and archive arrangements with our digital publishing and content management platform.

Thank you to our many faithful registered readers, our direct access readers and those of you who responded to the many stories we posted on your social media sites.

Thank you all for allowing us to be part of your daily experience.

Rey Redington, Publisher



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