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Monroe Township said that it will add one 14-passenger mini-bus to its transportation fleet thanks to a Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) grant through New Jersey Transit.

The new bus will be dedicated to transporting Monroe seniors and physically-challenged residents to nearby medical appointments.

“The Monroe Township Transportation Department plays a vital role in the lives of many of our senior residents and those with special mobility needs who might not otherwise have means for getting to medical appointments. We currently provide approximately 12,000 trips per year,” said Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro. “While it will be some time before we receive the new bus, this grant will help us plan and maintain a fleet of vehicles suitable to the unique needs of these residents.”

According to a notification from New Jersey Transit, Monroe’s application for the FFY 2017 FTA Section 5310 grant program has been selected for inclusion in the NJT statewide FTA Program of Projects (POP) application.

“This new mini bus is fantastic news for seniors and physically challenged residents in Monroe who need transportation to vital medical appointments,” said Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson. “I commend Monroe Township for their efforts in successfully taking advantage of this FTA grant program through New Jersey Transit which will provide a critical transportation service without additional burden on the taxpayers.”

The Township has been awarded one extended 14-passenger mini bus with two wheelchair securement locations pending approval of an NJT application to the FTA which is expected to be approved in the next eight to ten months. Delivery of the vehicle is expected within 24 months following FTA procurement requirements.

“Being able to regularly go to doctor's appointments is crucial to everyone's health and well-being," said Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngleo. "Seniors and individuals with special mobility needs will now be even better served thanks to the dedication and hard-work that has been put in by Monroe Township."

Since the Section 5310 Program began in 1975, more than 1,950 vehicles have been purchased and delivered to eligible private non-profit organizations, counties and municipalities across New Jersey. This is the fourth medical transport bus Monroe Township has been granted through this program since September 2017.

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