Emergency response drill

South Brunswick Emergency Response drill on Sept. 25.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK — Office of Emergency Management Director and South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka said the Sept. 25 drill at Brooks Crossing Elementary School was a success.

“It took six months of planning and nearly 100 participants but the lessons learned from the drill will benefit everyone,” Hayducka said. “There was tremendous coordination between school officials, fire, EMS, public works, and police. In a real emergency all these services would need to work together for a successful outcome.”

The drill simulated a car crash in which a vehicle struck the elementary school causing a gas leak.

The emergency services had to coordinate to evacuate the school, rescue an injured custodian, and locate three missing students.

Emergency response drill

The 25 volunteers who played the parts of students, teachers, parents, and the media were made up of volunteers from the South Brunswick Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association and South Brunswick High School Public Health Club.

Hayducka praised their participation and assistance, saying, “We have a great community and these volunteers who gave up their time to help us just prove it.”

The drill involved 45 firefighters from Monmouth Junction, Kendall Park and Kingston Fire Departments. In addition there were 25 EMS members from Monmouth Junction, Kendall Park and Kingston First Aid Squads. There were four school supervisors and two South Brunswick Public Works supervisors who participated.

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