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Rutgers Gardens Summer Fest 2019 will take place on July 27. 

NEW BRUNSWICK – Rutgers Gardens Summer Fest 2019, a partnership of Rutgers Gardens and New Brunswick Cultural Center, Inc., will take place on July 27, at 3 p.m.

This free, family-friendly event, which will feature live music, dance performances, cooking demos, garden tours, chalk art, painting and more, is now part of the Arts New Brunswick’s Hub City Sounds 2019 Concert & Performance series this year.

“New Jersey is a state rich with ethnic and cultural diversity, and nowhere can you see this more than in the music, fine arts, cuisine and horticulture of the people who live in central New Jersey,” said Mary Ann Schrum, manager of programs and development at Rutgers Gardens.

This year, Rutgers Gardens Summer Fest 2019 coincides with National New Jersey Day, celebrated on July 27 by National Day Calendar. Since 2017, National Day Calendar began recognizing each state in the order they entered the Union, starting the week of Independence Day.

In the spirit of celebrating all things Jersey, Rutgers Gardens has also partnered with Just Jersey, which offers handcrafted and locally sourced products from more than 250 New Jersey-based artists, designers and creative businesses. Many of these New Jersey artists will serve as vendors at Rutgers Gardens Summer Fest 2019, offering visitors an opportunity to shop a wide range of high quality, handcrafted products.

“We are so excited for this partnership with Rutgers Gardens,” said Tracey O’Reggio Clark, interim executive director of New Brunswick Cultural Center, Inc. “This will be our first time expanding our Hub City Sounds Concert & Performance series locations beyond Boyd Park, Joyce Kilmer Park and Downtown New Brunswick.”

“Rutgers Gardens Summer Fest harmonizes with our overall mission to support local artisans, musicians, and artists throughout Middlesex County and across the state of New Jersey, and with activities and events for all ages, these festivals have something for everyone,” she added.

“Come and celebrate National New Jersey Day by listening to local musical artists throughout the Gardens”, said Sarah Ferreira, artistic coordinator for the Hub City Sounds, New Brunswick Cultural Center, Inc. “The music program includes a children’s jam session with Mr. Ray, the New Brunswick Brass Band, The Vaughn S Jazz Trio, Live DJ Sets by DRKBXT, DJ Early, and DJ FullyFocus – featuring Busker Dennis McDonough, and many more!”

The annual Rutgers Gardens Summer Fest, which began in 1965 as an Open House, is an event planned and organized with the help of Rutgers Gardens’ student interns, who are themselves a diverse group from various fields of study and different cultural backgrounds across the state.

“The interns have worked very hard this year, in collaboration with our many partners, to feature a wide range of fun activities, entertainment and vendors,” said Schrum.

Rutgers Gardens Summer Fest 2019 includes extensive collaborations with the New Brunswick Community Arts Council, Highland Park Arts Commission, New Brunswick City Center and the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers.

For more information on the Rutgers Summer Fest 2019, call 732-932-8451 or visit

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