To The Editor:

Indivisible Monroe Township is proud to co-sponsor and co-host a 9/11 Commemoration and Rally Against Hate in Freehold with leadership and members of our partner, Indivisible Cranbury.

All are invited to join us to pay respects to those lost in this painful and unique experience in our collective histories. On that day, we learned the costs of hatred brought to extremes. Since then we have learned that actively combating, educating, and working against ethnic, religious, and color based hatreds — which are, unfortunately, alive and well in our culture — are moral imperatives.

Indivisible is a progressive grass roots movement dedicated to enable social and economic justice, equal opportunity, legislative advocacy and community outreach and education.

In that context, and the institutional cruelty and anti-immigrant fear mongering we are currently witnessing, we rally lest hatred become our calling card. We do not want to fund or support hate. We have experienced what it yields.

It has come to our attention that our commemorative rally is under attack in a misguided effort to gain political points and persuade others that our timing or intent may be sacrilegious or inappropriate.

Not so. From the get go, we planned to commemorate this special day: Respect all lives lost, acknowledge immigrants who built and build this country, and who were murdered alongside colleagues and friends — regardless of their status, color, religion or country of origin.

Hatred and brutality united all by force that day.

Our rally is geared to call attention to this connection.

Our rally is geared to stand for immigrants and fair treatment of the undocumented by insisting on civilized behavior from our immigration institutions and personnel; by demanding humane treatment of refugees and urging long overdue congressional reforms of immigration law and refugee conditions.

Which day would be more fitting, suitable, and honorable to express these American values, make these statements, and call out with unified voice?

Indivisible Monroe Township co-chairs Irene Linet and Rona Malkin and legislative advocacy team chair Gabriela Sadote

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