Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Recently Monroe Township mayor Gerald Tamburro leveled charges against Cranbury insinuating that Cranbury was going to build warehouses on the Cranbury/Monroe border. Even though there was absolutely no proof that anything was planned, Tamburro went on the attack anyway. Monroe, under the Democrats tutelage, has built housing right up to the border of Cranbury.

Mayor Jay Taylor of Cranbury reached out to Tamburro to initiate a dialog between the two municipalities but Tamburro did not respond.

Monroe Councilman Charles Dipierro reached out to Taylor to meet and start a dialog over the possible issues that could arise. They met on Thursday, July 18. The next day Monroe Township administrator Alan Weinberg sent Taylor a letter asking what had transpired at the Dipierro meeting. Taylor sent a detailed reply including items that Cranbury would consider doing so any development would not negatively affect Monroe.

Monroe replied to Taylor’s sincerity and commitment to cooperation by having an attorney send an email directing Taylor, to cease and desist any further dialog with Dipierro and further stating that Tamburro “has no intention of bargaining in the backroom with you”. (see attached)

The Monroe Democrats made land use decisions in the 1990s that are affecting Monroe today. Excessive residential construction has overcrowded the schools and caused taxes to skyrocket. At the same time Cranbury opted for commercial development. While more trailers are being added to the Monroe schools, property taxes in Cranbury are dropping by an average of $640.00 per home.

So Taylor offers an olive branch to Tamburro to smooth over land use issues that Monroe created. Tamburro responds by threatening Taylor. You would think that Tamburro, as a master plan committee member, planning board member, council president and mayor, would have finally learned to own up to his deficiencies, but some people are incapable of learning, regardless of their “experience”. 

Susan Calabrese, Monroe Township

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