Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I was elected to the Monroe Township council from Ward 3 in 2017. I am the Republican candidate for mayor on line ‘A’ this year running against the “in crowd”.

In Monroe the “in crowd” is led by Mayor Gerald Tamburro. Tamburro is scared that the Democrat gravy train will expire on November 5. Why is this fear justified?

  1. The Democrats have been in power since 1989. Nothing lasts forever.
  2. He has suddenly started appearing in the retirement communities as a concerned mayor.
  3. Per the Democrat playbook, there is no increase in local property taxes THIS YEAR.
  4. One of the mayor’s associates offered me a very high paying municipal job that I didn’t know existed and never applied for.

This last item seemed to be an attempt to silence me.

Tamburro made two really bad decisions this year.

Tamburro promoted the middle school bond issue that would have built a new school at the intersection of Applegarth Road and Cranbury Station Road. The voters in their infinite wisdom rejected the bond issue.

After the bond issue was rejected, Tamburro raised the issue of heavy truck traffic on Cranbury Station Road exactly where he wanted to build the middle school. Were the trucks on Cranbury Station Road before the bond issue - of course they were but they were ignored.

Tamburro now blamed Cranbury Mayor Jay Taylor of Cranbury for the trucks. Taylor reached out to Tamburro but was ignored. I reached out to Taylor and began a dialog on the truck issue. Tamburro found out and the municipal attorney “ordered” me to cease and desist with Taylor.

Tamburro does not order me to do anything. The truck issue shows how scared Tamburro and the “in crowd” are.

When I am elected as your mayor on November 5 then the change that Monroe deserves will happen and the Tamburro “in crowd” will be the latest iteration of “Who Dat”

Charles Dipierro

The writer is a councilman and the Republican candidate for mayor in the November Monroe municipal election.

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