I want to speak out against a political protest planned for 9/11. It is to be held by Indivisible. Wikipedia describes Indivisible as a political group that came into being in 2016 as a reaction to Donald Trump being elected as president.

It fashions itself to be a progressive movement. They state that their goal is to “save American democracy” and “resume the project of creating a humane America that is more like social democracy than corporate plutocracy.”

The protest announcement is published in MonroeNow.com. Their protest is against funding for Border Patrol and ICE. As long as the protesters do not engage in civil disobedience or violence, they are not breaking the law by having a political protest on 9/11. Indivisible, however, is making a mistake by holding a political event on 9/11. They are demonstrating poor judgement by breaking away from the spirit and purpose of the day. The Democrat mayor of Cranbury has written an Op/Ed on Sept. 5, in MonroeNow.com, which is titled: “We should not protest on Sept. 11.” Mayor Taylor, like myself, feels that Indivisible is displaying a lack of propriety, Mayor Taylor, like myself, feels sad that politics has come to this.

The United State of America under the Constitution grants us the freedom to assemble peacefully and speak our beliefs freely. These freedoms are guaranteed because valiant souls sacrificed their place on earth to defend our liberty. Brave men and women battled in wars because they were defending our precious democratic way of life. They valiantly fought against enemies who wanted to oppress and even annihilate us. The assault of 9/11, on our country, was launched with the intention of killing as many civilians as possible. The 9/11 invasion was an act of non-conventional warfare. The wicked and cruel people who carried out 9/11 are loathsome barbarians. So many innocent people were killed and injured. So many people must grieve 9/11 as a personal tragedy. The magnitude of the invasion is staggering. The 9/11 invasion was such a catastrophic inhumane event that it cannot and will not ever be forgotten.

My mind’s eye has permanently captured many tragic images of the day. Beyond my own ability to reason, I can never extract the 9/11 images from my mind. The images of people standing on World Trade towers’ window ledges will always haunt me. Flames were licking at them from inside. Desperately, they waved white cloths in hope of being noticed. They waved for help up to the last second before they had no option but to jump. I become choked up and feel a trance come over me as I imagine what that experience could possibly feel like. I did not know these people, yet the last moments of their lives are memorialized in my mind and heart. I believe that this phenomenon, of carrying the horrific images of 9/11, permanently within oneself, is the experience of many people.

What does a person who has had family or friend lost to 9/11 feel and experience? Compassionate people know that their grief is immeasurable and inconceivable to anyone else. Those who are mourners need and deserve our support. Sept. 11 is a solemn day. It is a day to come together, as a nation, for one unified purpose. Our civic responsibility on 9/11 is to support the grieving and remember and honor the victims.

Editor's note: Charlies Dipierro is a Monroe Township councilman and is running for mayor. The opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author.

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